Facial Services


Dermaplaning is a effective exfoliating treatment. The esthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin (along with the peach fuzz on your face). Why is this necessary? The buildup of dead skin and microscopic hairs can make your complexion appear dull, flaky, and can even cause breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles.

Cosmelan Peel

A two-step treatment where the peel is applied to the skin by a certified skin care professional and is then washed off at home after the mask is worn for several hours.

PCA chemical peel

Chemical peels are one of the more common cosmetic procedures for making skin look healthier and removing blemishes. PCA peels are newer and less harsh than traditional chemical peels. PCA peels are progressive, in that they aren’t one-treatment peels.

GentleWaves® LED Photomodulation

GentleWaves® LED Photomodulation technology is the interaction of light delivered through LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to activate skin cells causing them to produce new collagen. Sun exposure, smoking, and most environmental elements lead to skin aging and the breakdown of collagen in our skin. This technology converts light energy within the cells, similar to the way photosynthesis takes sunlight and turns it into food energy in plants. GentleWaves® LED technology can now offer a totally natural, non-thermal method of skin rejuvenation to reduce the visible signs of aging.